Fulfillling God’s Purpose for Your Life

As I was reading 1 Chronicles recently, I came across a list of job assignments that God declared for the tribe of Levi. Some Levites were assigned to be musicians, some were assigned to be gate keepers, and others were assigned duties in the treasury. As I read the list, I had a moment in which I thought it was a shame that they didn’t get to decide for themselves what they wanted to do with their lives. The thought was immediately replaced by the realization that each of these Levites knew exactly what his purpose in life was. God revealed to them in no uncertain terms what purpose He had designed them to fulfill.

What a great place to be–fulfilling the purpose you were created to for. Many people struggle to find meaning and purpose in their lives. They move from one job to the next looking for more job satisfaction, a bigger paycheck, or more fulfillment. Unless we are doing the work God created us to do, we will never truly be satisfied.

Several years ago, Rick Warren published “The Purpose Driven Life.” It was hugely popular, and I have read it at least twice. The book is not a personality assessment test which provides you with a list of jobs for which you are suited. Rather it helps you assess the talents and abilities with which God has equipped you. I came to the conclusion that I am a Problem Solver.

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Completing a job application

I have never seen a job posting for a Problem Solver; however, I have seen many job descriptions that listed problem solving as a desirable characteristic. In fact, the ability to decipher and solve problems is important for many different types of jobs. Some problem solvers are counselors who help people solve relationship or emotional problems, while others may find creative solutions to help businesses operate more efficiently, and still others are inventors who create the product needed to solve a particular problem. All problem solvers are not cut from the same cloth, and they don’t have the same purpose in life. Identifying as a problem solver helped me realize some aspects of the way God created me, but it didn’t point me to my next career decision. I had to pray and earnestly seek God’s direction to know where He wanted to place me for my next job. And, of course, that job was a perfect fit.

Fortunately, God has created each person with their own unique purpose. We experience the greatest sense of fulfillment when we are following God’s purpose for our lives. For most of us, our purpose isn’t spelled out as clearly as it was for the Levites. Discovering God’s purpose will require that you spend time in God’s word and prayer. As you do, God will reveal to you His direction for your life, or at least for the next stage of your life.

Assessing talents and abilities to find God's purpose for your life
Assessing Your Talents and Abilities

Knowing who you are in God is an important aspect of fulfilling God’s plan for your life. God has declared that His people should be faithful stewards of their time, money, and talents. To learn more about being a faithful steward of the financial resources God has blessed you with, you may want to read other blogs under the Finances heading or purchase my Bible study, Honoring God with Your Money.

Author: Susan Elizabeth Ball

Author of the Christian Bible study, 'Honoring God with Your Money,' and three Christian novels, 'Restorations;' 'Reconciliations;' and "Letters to Mother from College." Small business consultant, former pizza restaurant owner, wife, mother, grandmother of 8.

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