Letters to Mother

I am very excited to announce the publication of the first book in my new series, Letters to Mother. These books were inspired by the letters my mother wrote to her mother, beginning when Mom went off to college.

Will Polly discover God’s plan for her life at a small southern college?

It’s the spring of 1953.  Polly has her life planned out. She will attend the University of Pennsylvania and study to become a doctor.  Mother upsets her plan by declaring that Polly will live at home and commute by train to U Penn every day.  Rather than give in to Mother’s wishes, Polly enrolls at Catawba College, a small college in North Carolina. This is her first venture south of the Mason-Dixon line.  She finds that the people are warm and welcoming, but the food is strange and there is never anything to do in this small town.

Aunt Sara advised Polly to be open to God’s plan for her life.  Polly finds the advice unnecessary, as she already has a plan mapped out for her life.  Polly shares her all of her college experiences with Mother in the letters she writes regularly.

Will Polly adjust to life in a small southern town? Is medical school God’s plan for Polly’s future? Will Polly fully give her heart to God and follow His plan for her life?

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