Honoring God with Your Money

My Bible study, Honoring God with Your Money, has been published by Westbow Press.  The book is available for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  To learn more about the book and to read an excerpt, please go to my website:  susaneball.org


Honoring God with Your Money, a new book by Susan E Ball.

This is a Bible study designed to help readers gain a better understanding of how they can honor God through proper stewardship of the financial resources He entrusts to them. 

This is a great study for

  • Sunday school classes
  • Life groups
  • Teens and college students
  • Newly married couples
  • Anyone seeking to honor God with their finances

Additional resources are available to group leaders, free of charge, by emailing me at susan.ball5@aol.com.  Leaders’ resources include activities, discussion topics, statistics, and illustrations. 

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