Girls Ministries Honor Celebration

Last night our church held its annual Girls Ministries Honor Celebration.    The Girls Ministries program includes seven club and ministers to girls from birth through high school graduation.  Our preschool clubs, Sunlight Kids and Rainbows, also includes little boys.  The Honor Celebration marks the end of our “academic” year in Girls Ministries and celebrates the achievements of each girl and boy in the program.


Our Rainbow club is made up of 3 and 4 year old boys and girls.


From the earliest ages, the children are taught Biblical principles.   They earn badges by completing a unit consisting of 4 or 6 lessons and memorizing a memory verse for that unit. In the younger classes, those who complete the required number of units in their program graduate with “Honor” and are recognized as Honor Rainbows, Honor Daisies, and Honor Prims.  The older classes require additional work, including Bible reading, memorizing the Assemblies of God Statement of Faith, and being tested on all their memory verses to be recognized as Honor Stars, Honor Friends, and Honor Girls Only.

One of the highlights of the program is being crowned an Honor Star.  The Stars class is for girls in third through fifth grade.  To be crowned an Honor Star, a young girl has to read the entire New Testament, complete 27 units and nine Honor requirements.  Honor requirements include memorizing the names of the books of the Old and New Testaments, memorizing the Lord’s prayer, doing a study of the life of Christ, keeping a prayer journal, and memorizing several other scriptures.  It is quite a feat for an 11-year old girl to complete the requirements to be recognized as an Honor Star.

Last night four of our girls were crowned Honor Stars.  They are beautiful young ladies inside and out.  I am very proud of them and all that they have accomplished.

Three of our newly crowned Honor Stars with two of last year’s Honor Stars.

I have been privileged to be a part of Girls Ministries for more than 40 years, first as a girl in the program and since 1979 as a teacher.  The Girls Ministries program, as well as our boys’ program called Royal Rangers, impart truths of God’s Word to children at a very young age and prepare them to be Christian leaders in the families, churches, and communities. 

Author: Susan Elizabeth Ball

Author of the Christian Bible study, 'Honoring God with Your Money,' and two Christian novels, 'Restorations' and 'Reconciliations.' Small business consultant, former pizza restaurant owner, wife, mother, grandmother of 8.

2 thoughts on “Girls Ministries Honor Celebration”

  1. Congratulations to the Honor Stars. As you wrote, quite a feat for an 11yr old. Frankly, it would be quite a feet for many adults, too. (This one included.)

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